Lemon Tea Tree
Lemon Tea Tree
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Earth Drops, 'Lemon Tea Tree' soap is a naturally sweet, soft symphony of pure natural essential oils for the mind and body. This handmade natural soap has the rich moisturizing properties of Caster oil along with lots of big fluffy bubbles that just keeps coming, and coming. Mm! Imagine, how sweet fresh lemon blossoms would smell? Imagine how they would smell mingled with the fresh crispness of Tea Tree blossoms? Ah! A wonderful thought, is it not? But the beautiful blossoms of a plant don't always resemble the "pure essence" of the plant. Our 'Lemon Tea Tree' soap has the wonderful combination of 100% pure essential oils of Lemon, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and Patchouli, all dancing in concert, swirling around you, wrapping you up in their essence just as if you were in the soft gentle currents of a warm sunshiny breeze. Earth Drops,  Lemon Tea Tree handcrafted soaps with pure essentials oils are, naturally sweet, crisp, and cleanly healthy wholesome, and essentially good from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Ingredients; Saponified pure vegetable oils of Soybean, Coconut, Olive, and Rice. Essential oils of Caster, Lemon, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and Patchouli. Handcrafted Natural Vegetable based Handmade Soap. Hand cut to approximately 4oz minimum of 3.7oz.

Earth Drops Handcrafted Soaps are 100% Natural and Handmade,
always have been, always will be.