Soapers in Cooperation with Mother Nature
Earth Drops© natural herbal handcrafted soaps company are 100% vegetable food grade based soaps using the finest saponified oils of olive, coconut, rice bran, and soybean; along with other natural wholesome ingredients which may include avocado, grapeseed, caster oils along with 100% pure essential oils, nuts, herbs, pure natural honey and milk to achieve the highest quality in our many different soap varieties. Naturally healthy skin with glowing complexions begins with truly pure and natural herbal skin care products. Give the perfect gift that makes everyday special, Earth Drops© all natural herbal handmade soap, the healthy skin care product.
Shower in the pure joy and wonder of Mother Nature. Our all Natural soaps with 100% pure natural essential oils and herbs in a luxuriously creamy, full-bodied lather. Earth Drops© handcrafted soaps will sooth and excite your senses. Our soaps gently pampers your skin while it cleanses away the residues of a busy life.

Don't forget those four legged family members.
Just For pet lover's,
pamper your beloved pets with natural herbal Pet-ables© soaps, moisturizing and very gentle for shinny 
beautifully groomed coats and wagging tails. Because our pet soaps are 100% purely natural soap that does not contain chemicals, detergents, and is not a shampoo, rinsing even a very thick furry coat is very easy. For pet-owner's, bathing and grooming your pet's coat with Earth Drops©, Pet-ables© is no longer a chore, or a labor of love. It will be an enjoyable experience for all. We developed our Pet-ables© just for our own much loved fur kids. We are sure that you and your pet will enjoy them too.

Mother Nature approved, cruelty-free and biodegradable. Only natural herbal, and wholesome ingredients in combination with the finest 100% natural saponified oils of olive, coconut, and other pure vegetable oils are used to achieve the highest quality in our natural herbal soap skin care products. Earth Drops© handcrafted, handmade soap company are strictly natural and does not contain artificial additives, preservatives, or colorants. Our natural vegetable based soaps do not contain tallow or lard.

These soaps have some of my fondest memories attached to them. We are sure that you'll enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

Earth Drops handcrafted soap company, is 100% pure vegetable based with natural essential oils and herbs. Handcrafted, Handmade, and hand-cut with loving care to approximately 4oz, minimum 3.7oz bars.

Kind of like the way my grandmother's and great-grandmother's did it, only better.